The symbol of Natori for the recovery

On March 11.2011 Yuriage in the city of Natori was hit by the catastrophic Great Earthquake.We pass down to future generations the memory of that time.symbolized by Hiyoriyama ando memoriak monyuments,so that it will not fade away with time.




Hiyoriyama in  Yuriage

This hill,with an elevation of 6.3 meters,is located 700 meters from the coast. A 8.4-metter tsunami from the earthquake swpt over this hill and washed away Minato-jinja Shraine and Tominushihime-Jinja Shuraine that were located on top of the hill.These shraines are now being restored by volunteers.


You can learn about Tsunami and  fill so many things here.

It is "Yuriage".

●JR Tokyo  ⇔ JR Sendai            🚄 Tohoku Shinkansen

                                                                        About 1hr 40 mins

●JR Sendai  ⇔ JR Natori          🚃 Tohoku Main Line

                           About 15 mins

●Osaka  ⇔ Sendai       ✈  1hr 20 mins

●Seoul      ⇔ Sendai                            ✈ 2 hrs

●Bejing     ⇔ Sendai         ✈ 5 hrs

●Shingahai                                              ✈ 3 hrs

●Taipei  ⇔    Sendai                           ✈     3 hrs

●Honolulu                                               ✈  7 hrs